Helix Toolkit 3D for .NET


A new repository has been created for the documentation. The content is written in Restructured text, and generated with Sphinx by readthedocs.org! See docs.helix-toolkit.org!

helix-toolkit.org domain

The helix-toolkit.org domain has been registered!

Chat room at gitter.im

A chat room has been added at gitter.im. There is not much activity yet, but hopefully this can be a nice supplement to the discussion forum and twitter.

Discussion forum at userecho.com

A forum has been added at userecho.com. Please use the forum for discussions that do not belong to the issue tracker. The issue tracker should contain bugs and enhancements only.

Helix Toolkit is now built by AppVeyor

Helix Toolkit is now built at AppVeyor. The script builds all packages and automatically pushes to NuGet when the build is successful.

Build status