Helix Toolkit 3D for .NET

Release 2.2.0

[2.2.0] - 2018-6-17


  1. Add per-frame draw call in RenderDetail.
  2. Add pingpong buffer for post effects. Add depth stencil buffer pooling
  3. Add RenderTechnique serialization/deserialization.
  4. Add BlendFactor/SampleMask/StencilRef in ShaderPassDescription.
  5. Port DynamicCodeSurface3D to SharpDX version.

Improvement and Changes

  1. Move FXAA before post effect. ##### Pre(such as shadow map)->Opaque->Particle->Transparent->FXAA->Post(post effects)->ScreenSpaced(ViewBox/CoordinateSystem).
  2. Change to use specific material for mesh shading technique change. Added DiffuseMaterial(Render DiffuseColor/DiffuseMap only), NormalMaterial(Render Normals as Color), PositionColorMaterial(Render Vertex Position as Color), VertColorMaterial(Render Per Vertex Color). Remove separated techniques for normal/position/color rendering. Merge these passes into default BlinnPhong techniques.
  3. Encapsulate D3D11.DeviceContext functions into DeviceContextProxy. Skip redundant state bindings/shaderpass bindings.
  4. Re-implement shader class.


  • Fixed and improved state object and shader resource proxy pooling.
  • Errors building project (FeatureLevel10 issue). #754 (WPF.SharpDX & UWP)
  • Inertia does not work correctly when camera has lefthand coordinate system #760 (WPF.SharpDX & UWP)
  • Viewport not updating when rotating #767 (WPF.SharpDX & UWP)
  • error in LineIntersection #770
  • Viewport3DX Title and Subtitle are not rendered correctly #773 (WPF.SharpDX & UWP)
  • Billboard questions (transparency + adding billboards after initialize) #774 (WPF.SharpDX & UWP)
  • ZoomDistanceLimitNear/-Far does not work correctly #777 (WPF.SharpDX & UWP)
  • CameraTarget still showing up when TouchRotate disabled #782 (WPF.SharpDX & UWP)
  • SharpDX: Camera movement using keyboard doesn’t work when mouse is not moving. #796 (WPF.SharpDX & UWP)
  • SharpDX: Instanced Models do not follow the viewports current render technique #802 (WPF.SharpDX & UWP) Note: Use material for switching
  • EnvironmentMap3D not working when using LeftHandSystem SharpDX #533 (SharpDX & UWP)